Snakes 3D” is a browse-based, three-dimensional adventure game that has you steering a snake through a grassy region full of vegetation, other snakes, and rocks of various sizes while climbing two separate leader boards.

Gameplay consists of hunting for smaller, weaker prey in order to become the heaviest or oldest snake in the area. The completing of either or both of these goals is hampered by other player-controlled snakes and the environment; colliding with any rocks or being eaten by a snake effectively ends the run. Fortunately, players can get back into the action with hardly any delay. At the time of review, Snakes 3D features two 120-player servers, one for Americans and another for the Europeans

One of the minor irritations with Snakes 3D’s controls is that it does not teach you any of the controls in a game where your character is always moving forward. This means that a player’s very first time with the game could result in their snake helplessly crashing into a rock, unaware of what buttons must be pressed to move around. While it is easy to understand how to become the oldest snake, becoming the heaviest snake involves slithering into chunks of meat that resemble colored pebbles and stones. Other snakes that you defeat turn into a chain of meat to feed your snake.

Snakes 3D’s audio and video components are troublesome. The game appears to have no audio whatsoever, leaving players to either provide their own musical accompaniment or playing the game in total silence. While the game’s audio settings are completely lacking, assessing its visual components is a bit more involved. Not only can players give their snake a name that hovers over the avatar but also can customize the pattern and coloration of their snake. Despite the fact that almost every game object is rendered at a low resolution, the ease in discerning a vine from a snake and being able to react to a threat is hampered by a choppy frame rate.

Overall, Snakes 3D is another variant on the popular “genre” of massive multiplayer games whose titles all end in “.io,” but with a very different approach to presentation and controls. While most such games are on a 2D overhead plane, Snakes 3D goes for a third-person view and controls are handled by the arrow keys.


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