Piano Game – Greatest Virtual Piano Experience on the Net!

From first glance, it would appear that “Virtual Piano Game”, located at www.silvergames.com, should consider a name change since it does not appear to be a traditional online game; there are no objectives, levels, checkpoints, etc. While the name is misleading, Virtual Piano Game still has the potential of being a useful tool for musicians online.

Virtual Piano Game advertises itself as a viable way of getting your daily practice in order to become a proficient musician. While it is doubtful that you will gain monumental musical skills through this online game, it can be a fun way to supplement your practice when you are away from a physical piano. This game does not provide any form of musical scores to follow, nor does it assist with music theory or reading. So, this game simply acts as a virtual piano which one can freestyle on.

The piano toggles are relatively simple and easy to use. It’s very simple to change the settings on the piano, as all you need to do is click a box next to the desired setting. The Piano Game provides letter names for each key which can be particularly useful for people who are new to the piano. However, for more advanced players, the letter names can be easily removed if they are a distraction. Perhaps the most confusing setting on the piano would be “color style” setting. There are four settings and they only appear to make the piano brighter or darker, but it doesn’t seem to affect the way the piano is used and seems rather pointless. The most extensive part of the game would be the 28 different piano types that it offers, making the piano have different tones and sound effects. Number 6 is meant to sound the closest to a real piano, however, it still sounds very electronic and doesn’t replicate a real piano very well. But, it is still fun to experiment with all the other different piano styles despite their authenticity to the real sound.

Additionally, the most useful part of the game is the ability to link buttons on your keyboard to the piano keys so you can simulate the experience of playing a real piano. Since you can link multiple notes to a button, you can even create chords! Overall, while it can’t replace a real piano, it is a solid online substitute.