New Unforgettable Basketball Online Experience in Basket Slam Dunk!

Basket Slam Dunk is a cool basketball game hosted on the site www.silvergames.com. The concept is simple: You are a guy trying to dunk a basketball. Of course, there’s a bit more to it than that.

In the game, you’re attempting to slam dunk the basketball on hoops of a variety of heights and levels of proximity to your starting spot. The object of the game is to string together as many consecutive dunks as possible without missing a dunk. Successfully dunking will gain you both points and coins, the coins being an in-game currency that lets you upgrade the ball you’re dunking into a variety of amusing options like an 8-ball, a bomb, or a canary head.

The controls in Basket Salm Dunk are all through the mouse, and consist of two parts. First, you must set how high and far you’re going to jump, and then once you launch the jump you tap the mouse to attempt to dunk the ball. Jump too weakly, and your dunk attempt will fizzle. Jump too far, and you’ll rocket over the hoop!

It doesn’t take too long to get a rough sense of how high to jump, but it takes some time to master the finer points of timing both jumps and dunks. Nothing is sadder than the feeling of making a perfect jump but trying to dunk too soon, clanging your dunk attempt off into the air. Once you get the hang of it, Basket Slam Dunk gives you a nice challenge to see how many dunks you can make consecutively before the inevitable miscalculation.

One of the best things about Basketball Slam Dunk game is its humor. The animation style is engagingly cartoonish and minimalistic, and it’s funny to see your unnamed dunker go flying through the air at the hoop, especially when the dunk fails. A few memorable times, the dunker ended up flying through the hoop, dunking himself! When you do manage a successful dunk, the dunker’s face changes to a triumphant roar. It’s also an amusing sight to dunk the various alternate balls you can purchase with the coins.

All in all, Basket Slam Dunk is a fun little game to pass some time and challenge yourself. Recommended for anyone who likes basketball, or even just the concept of dunking a basketball.