Flip Diving Game Review

Cliff jumping and cliff diving is an intense exposure to increased adrenaline levels. The individuals daring enough to attempt these feats often contain an inner complex that allows them to operate without fear. The average person will not attempt such things, so thankfully there is a game that can allow you to mimic the experience. Flip Diving is the simple addictive arcade game (thanks to Flipper!) that allows you to perform incredible stunts from some very unique locations.

This Flip Diver Game is a simple one button game. The user needs access to a mouse or mousepad in order to click under certain circumstances. The clicking comes into play when the user selects their release point of the diver. The diver will rock back and forth with a little arrow to determine direction. Release the mouse when the arrow points at an angle towards the water. The second clicking motion occurs to help your diver tuck in order to perform flips. Don’t hold the mouse too long as this will cause back flops, belly flops and over-tucking.

The player must complete all 6 rounds of each level to unlock new maps and challenges. If your diver botches a dive, you will be forced to start over. Along the way you will collect coins. Coins reaching the amount of 40 will allow the user to exchange for a spin on the wheel of prizes. The wheel contains map unlocks, new flip techniques and other such game-related rewards. If you are impatient, the wheel spin automatically is rewarded every 24 hours.

The farther you get in the game the more maps you unlock. Additional maps feature large swaying trees, a swinging rope and other such additional challenges to your timing techniques. A steady finger and good depth perception will get the user farther in the game. With over 20 different levels to unlock and a large multitude of techniques to improve upon, this game provides plenty of simple stimulation for the user.

Take your diver to new heights and take on challenging new high dives to see if you can help your diver dismount for the gold with Flip Diver.

Interested? Try THE GAME or check the FLIP DIVING GAMEPLAY VIDEO! 😀


Link to the Flip Diving App :  APPStore