Fidget Spinner – The Best Virtual Game!


The Fidget Spinner Game is a simulation game of an actual fidget spinner played in an internet browser. In this you try to spin a virtual fidget spinner as much as you possibly can by clicking and holding on the spinner and then moving the mouse quickly before letting go of the mouse button. For every spin you will be rewarded with gold coins which you can use to buy power-ups as well as fidget spinner models and skins. The power-ups consist of power, speed, and rotation.

When you successfully fill the green bar on the right side that is under the three icons you will also get a new fidget spinner, and there are many different fidget spinners to unlock. The rate at which this occurs depends on how many gold coins that you have received at the end of each turn, and five spins constitute one turn.

Playing this game is easy. As is mentioned above, to spin the fidget spinner all you have to do is click and hold the left mouse button on the top, bottom, or one of the sides. You then need move the mouse forward and then backward before quickly releasing the button.

To extend the length of each spin it is a good idea to wait until the spinner is slowing down and repeat the spinning process above so that it spins longer. This will cause you to earn more and more gold coins, new spinners, and more power-ups.

While a fidget spinner simulator might not be the most exciting of simulators to play, there is some fun to be had. It is totally free and does not have any unwanted in-app purchases (unlike many free games). Also, being played in an internet browser means it does not have to be downloaded and installed.

You can find it here. You don’t want to play alone? Play these awesome Fidget Spinner Multiplayer games!

Fidget Spinner Game