Bored Working In The Office? Try Toss A Paper 2!

The point-and-click game Toss a Paper 2 simulates a day at the office where all you want to do is roll up a ball of paper and see if you can land it in the trash.

Gameplay in the Toss A Paper 2 game looks easy at first: you click the screen to toss the paper, and have an infinite number of tries. However, the game is actually much more complex than that. You have no control over the paper itself. Instead, a yellow arrow swings back and forth to show you where the paper will land if you click the screen. Be careful: there’s also an office fan in the corner that will affect your throw. Another arrow at the bottom of the screen shows you how strong the breeze from the fan is, and which direction it’s coming from.

Each time you successfully land the paper in the trash, the amount of points you earn multiplies by 100. The counter on the left shows you your winning streak. It resets to zero if you miss one round. The counter on the right displays your best streak. You need a minimum of two points to make it to the “medium” level and 4 to make it to the “hard” level. The medium and hard levels feature a much stronger breeze from the office fan. You’ll see the paper bounce off the walls. Warning: Toss a Paper 2 is incredibly addictive! You’re compelled to keep playing in order to beat your streak. Plus, there’s the satisfaction of making a direct hit.

The graphics of this free onlineĀ ball game are simple: you’re sitting in the corner of an office, facing a desk with a steaming cup of coffee and some miscellaneous papers. Beyond the desk is the trashcan, the office fan, a potted plant, and a window that overlooks an anonymous city. A hot air balloon floats past the window, which makes the game even more mesmerizing. These images are realistic enough that it truly feels like another day at work. Have fun with Toss A Paper 2!