Another Amazing Stickman Puzzle Game – Kill Da Guy 2!

It’s hard to tell if stick figures are popular because they’re simple or because certain designers are just lazy. Sure, there are some great stickman games out there – but some of them are just awful. It’s theoretically funny to see things happen to these simple figures, but the jokes wear thin after a bit. The sub-genre of making stick figures suffer is one that’s never really made sense, nor is it one that has ever had any great games. In fact, there are precious few in that group that even rise to the level of being acceptable. As you might expect, Kill Da Guy 2 doesn’t do much to change that fact.

Kill Da Guy 2 isn’t really a game in the traditional sense. You press a button and watch something bad happen to a stick figure. You can play through the entire game in about five minutes, and you’re rewarded with nothing but screaming and poor animation. It’s impossible to tell why this game was made, except to bring in potential clicks. It commits the cardinal gaming sin of being too boring, coupled with somehow being too long for the joke to keep working. If there’s a term for the opposite of a masterpiece, this is it.

Are there any good points about Kill Da Guy 2 game? Not really. There’s nothing clever here. There are a few moments that might feel like puzzles, but anyone who has ever looked at a computer screen can solve them with zero difficulty. A few of the “stages” at least look clever, though they’re too short to really appreciate. There might even be a clever idea hidden somewhere in this pseudo-game, but it’s buried beneath so much garbage that it’s impossible to see. No, there’s not really anything worth talking about with this game.

The good news for players of Kill Da Guy 2 is that the game is only a few minutes long. While you certainly shouldn’t play it at all, it won’t waste much of your time if you do choose to give it a go. When you’re done, you’ll probably wonder why you bothered. You’re better off playing almost any other game online – at least those games will provide you with more of an interactive experience. If there is any game that demands the death of the stickman genre, it is probably this one. It’s so bad it brings down every game that employs a similar art style.