Airport Rush: Manage the flights at various airports

Airport Rush” is an addictive and simple game about managing the flights at various airports. The graphics are decidedly simple, bold and good. They relay exactly what you need to know without any ambiguity. They are also bright and solid enough that they are enjoyable to look at. The animations are all smooth although some items just appear on the screen instead of scrolling in smoothly from an edge. There really is not any music during the gameplay. This if fine, however, since there is always some background noise like an air traffic controller, beeping or a jet engine to keep things engaging.

Your job in “Airport Rush” is to ensure that all planes get to do four things in an airport without crashing into each other. The game does a good job of relaying your job through icons alone so that there is no problem with translated languages. Each plane will have to land, refuel, pick up passengers and then take off. A plane that is attempting to complete one of those four tasks will have an icon displayed over it. The icon contains a timer. The task will be attempted when the timer runs out no matter what. You can accelerate things by clicking on the icon to force the plane to do the action right away.

Things seem simple at first with one plane coming and going through all the tasks before the second one arrives. The game picks up quickly. You soon have to manage two and then three planes at once. It is not long until you have planes attempting to land while others have not completed taking off yet. If two planes run across each other, then your game ends. You can pick from three different airports of increasing complexity. The most complicated ones have multiple runways, numerous gates and other obstacles.

“Airport Rush” does not have a level system or any set goals. You just play the airport you choose trying to get as many planes as possible back into the air. There are no real problems with the game aside from a lack of diversity when it comes to obstacles and challenges. The game does become punishingly difficult as you progress until it is almost impossible to manage everything at once. Adding a few new airports with different graphics would also help with the replayability of the game. “Airport Rush” is an excellent game that is sure to keep anyone occupied for hours.