Train your Reproductive Skills in the New Cool Multiplayer Ovar IO!

What is Ovar.io?
If you have ever been curious as to what it must feel like to be a little sperm in search for an egg while fighting for your life in a vast arena, Ovar.io can help. It’s an interesting spin on the io game.

The main screen in Ovario displays some choices as to which kind of sperm you want to be. In other words, you have the five following classes with skills to choose from. (Two if you don’t have a Facebook account)
1. The Scout class seems to swim faster and has the best agility, meaning it can maneuver. Light attack damage
2. The Soldier class is a little more balanced, medium attack, agility, and high hit points
3. The Cluster is a group of sperm with low hit-points and low damage, but can scatter when in danger to avoid damage.
4. The Tank is larger than the other classes which makes it an easy target, however it has highest attack.
5. The Ghost has average attack and agility, but can stealth and slip through enemies without taking damage.

When the game loads, your sperm is placed in the arena with other Ovario players various sperm classes. Simply move your mouse cursor in the direction you want your sperm to swim and adjust speed. Along the journey you pick up various power-ups that will boost your life, attack, or replenish your skill bar. Doing so will also earn you points and rank you among the other players on the top right of the screen. Make sure to avoid other players or charge them head on if you can survive. Once in a while, you will come across a circle with a happy face in the middle. Make sure to claim it by swimming toward the center and quickly tapping spacebar. Doing so will add to your score. If it’s already claimed by someone else, swim away.

Ovar.io isn’t all that much different than the other io games. It’s a good giggle and brings interest at first. Then after trying all of the classes, the realization sets in that they aren’t all that different from one another. Sure the stats are different, but skills weren’t. The Cluster shines due to its scatter ability and the Ghost stands out with its stealth. As for the other three, their special was identical. Also the game Ovar IO forced me to reopen my Facebook account in order to try all of the classes. Wasn’t worth it.